5 Things You Need To Do Before You Visit Your Dental Hygienist in London

woman flossing teeth

Visiting your dental hygienist in London is the best way to ensure proper oral health. But whether it’s your first appointment or a regular check-up, preparing beforehand will ensure that everything runs smoothly. These are the five things you need to do before your next visit.

1. Confirm your appointment

Before visiting your dental hygienist in Moorgate or Liverpool Street, confirm your appointment 245 hours in advance. That way, you’ll be aware of any changes to the schedule and can focus on preparing for your visit.

2. Brush and floss your teeth

Make sure you brush and floss a couple of hours before your dental appointment. There’s no need to go overboard – in fact, if you haven’t been flossing since your last visit, you could do more harm than good.

Avoid eating strong-smelling foods and smoking in the hours leading up to your appointment to make the experience more pleasant for your dental hygienist. Just clean your teeth, as usual, so your mouth is fresh, and discuss a cleaning routine you can follow.

3. Make notes

If this is your first visit, you’ll probably have several questions you want to ask your dental hygienist. But even if it’s a repeat appointment, there may be issues you need to discuss. A visit to the dentist can be nerve-wracking, so keeping notes lets you get the answers you need even if your mind goes blank.

4. Bring your dental appliance

If you wear an oral guard or use a sleep apnoea aid, it’s worth bringing it to your appointment. Your dental hygienist can ultrasonically clean them for you to get rid of any built-up tartar.

5. Let your dentist know if you’re anxious

53% of dental patients suffer from fear and anxiety. Before your appointment, let your dental hygienist know your concerns, and they’ll do their best to put you at your ease.

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