Prevention is always better than cure and the key to long-term dental health is good oral hygiene. Our highly trained hygienists work with patients to keep their mouths healthy and eliminate gum disease and tooth decay. You’ll also enjoy fresh breath and a beautiful smile.

Our hygienists have three aims:

  • To give patients detailed advice on how to carry out a good dental hygiene regime at home to stop the build up of plaque and tartar and maintain long-term dental health
  • Regular routine check-ups mean your teeth are professionally checked and cleaned – accessing those hard to reach places and removing hard deposits of plaque and tartar
  • As well as looking after your oral health, our hygienists ensure you always walk out with a beautifully polished smile

Above all, Boston House Dental Clinic hygienists are skilled at putting patients at their ease with their warm and approachable manner, gentle technique and dedication to the concept of painless dental treatment.