When Should You Visit The Dentist

Many people put off going to the dentist; however on the odd occasion, a quick check-up could save you a great deal of trouble in the long-term. It is recommended that you visit your dentist at least twice a year. Like a service on your car, your teeth and gums must be checked to ensure that there are no minor issues that could lead to more serious problems. It is always best to book in to see your dentist as soon as you discover any abnormalities.

When should you visit your dentist? Here are three reasons to book in quickly…

1. Tooth pain

When you get a severe toothache, you’ll want to be seen as soon as possible, as the pain can be immense. Even if it wears off after a few days, don’t put the dentist out of your mind completely. There could be an underlying cause or infection present that needs seeing to.

2. Inflamed gums

If you notice any redness or swelling, get checked as soon as possible. These could be the first signs of gingivitis, a condition that could cause you to lose teeth later down the line. The initial reason for this disease is due to hardened plaque on the gum line, which you may not notice yourself. You may also spot blood when brushing your teeth, which is another factor to watch out for.

3. White dots on the tooth

If you notice any significant white spots on the tooth, this could be the first signs of dental decay – an infection which causes your tooth enamel to dissolve. There are usually no other symptoms other than this minor sign, so don’t ignore it. Head to your dentist straight away to get treatment.

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