5 Benefits of Invisalign

5 Benefits of Invisalign

If you want to straighten your teeth but feel like conventional braces are unattractive and uncomfortable to wear, there is an alternative solution that you could try. Invisalign is a modern way of rearranging crooked and misaligned teeth. Patients have to wear a clear plastic tray-like mould, which will gently put pressure on your teeth to realign them. To give you that perfect smile, Invisalign offers the following benefits.

Easy cleaning

Since Invisalign trays are removable, you can maintain a high level of oral hygiene. You can take them off when brushing or flossing your teeth. Do not forget to brush and rinse the trays as well to ensure there will be no food debris left. Dirty trays can cause plaque build-up and stains so you have to make sure that the trays are always kept clean.


Made from medical-grade polyurethane resin, Invisalign has smooth edges that offer much more comfort compared to traditional braces. With the absence of metal wires and brackets, you will less likely experience teeth soreness and you will minimise the risk of cuts in your mouth that cause canker sores and mouth ulcers.

Eat whatever you want

An extended list of food restrictions will be given to you if you choose to straighten your teeth with traditional braces. As such, you will not be able to eat hard, chewy and sticky food as it can damage or break the brackets and wires. With Invisalign, you can simply remove the aligners and eat whatever you like.

Saves time

You don’t have to visit the dentist so often if you have Invisalign as they only need to be maintained every four to six weeks. The duration of the treatment can take from one year to one year and a half, relatively faster than other orthodontic options.

Improved physical appearance

Once your treatment is complete, you will have noticeably straighter teeth. Having more aesthetically appealing teeth allows you to flash a radiant smile that can help boost your self-confidence.

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