General Dentistry


Enhance your smile with general dentistry

A beautiful confident and healthy smile can boost self-esteem, make us more confident and portray us to others as being open and friendly.

Having and maintaining a beautiful smile rarely happens by accident.

For better oral health the journey always begins with regular dental exams and hygienist visits with a dental team whom you have respect and confidence in.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in dental care that is gentle, preventative and minimally invasive.

We believe team work is essential in delivering the best outcomes for our patients.

We believe we should treat our patients as we would like to be treated ourselves.


At Boston House, we understand that for some, visiting your general dentist is just a routine process while for others it can be a worrying and anxiety-provoking experience.

At Boston House all our dentists, nurses and hygienists are nice, kind and gentle individuals who are dedicated to carrying out dental treatment with the minimum of pain or discomfort.

Here’s how we can make your visit as comfortable as possible:

Local Anaesthetic for Pain-Free Dentistry

When ever necessary effective ‘local anaesthesia’ (injection) is administered carefully so as to numb the teeth and gums being treated.

To reduce any discomfort and when ever appropriate, we also use a topical cream to pre-numb the soft tissues.

Sedation For Nervous Dental Patients*

As careful and gentle as we may be, for some patients their level of anxiety means that our usual techniques may not be enough.

A very good way of over-coming past fears is by having some ‘sedation*’, which makes you sleepy, relaxed and unaware of most of the treatment while it is being carried out. Patients often feel that they have been asleep during the treatment, but in fact they are still awake and we are able to communicate with them as necessary.

Dental intravenous sedation is a sedative and not a general anaesthetic. The technique is very safe as you keep your safety reflexes, such as your cough reflex.

A further benefit of the sedation is that time seems to pass much more quickly – a 2 hour session can seem like half an hour at most.

When opting for sedation it is essential for patients to have an escort to take them home and to be responsible for their safety afterwards, as one’s judgement is affected.

Once the sedation has started to take effect, we can then give the normal injections to numb the teeth.

(*‘Midazolam’ is the usual drug given intravenously by injection).

Some people say that they dislike having their teeth scaled more than treatment with a dentist. Please be assured that Lucy and Lucia, our hygienists, are also very gentle, and will use anaesthetic  whenever  treatment might be causing discomfort.