5 benefits of professional dental cleaning

During your regular dental visits, you will be advised to undertake dental cleaning. Poor oral hygiene can be a contributing factor to a multitude of both dental and medical problems. Attending your dentist regularly and undergoing professional cleaning is an essential component to good oral health.

You may be surprised to learn that some of the benefits of clean teeth extend far beyond your mouth too. Here are 5 of the benefits to your oral and physical health that regular professional cleaning will provide:

1. Prevent tooth loss

Gum disease begins with a build-up of plaque and can end in tooth loss. Plaque is a build-up of bacteria which happens to everyone but it does need to be cleaned off from around your gumline regularly to keep your gums in top condition. Your dentist will help remove the plaque to reduce the risk of losing your teeth or developing periodontal disease.

2. Prevent cavities

Alongside gum disease, plaque and cavities come hand in hand. Left to its own devices, plaque will attach to the enamel on your teeth and release acids which cause erosion and cavities. A good professional clean will help to rid your teeth from plaque.

3. Reduce staining

Dental cleaning will help to reduce or even remove staining on your teeth. Coffee, wine and tobacco are some of the most common causes of discolouration. A good clean will leave your teeth looking brighter and sometimes even whiter.

4. Improve your health

A healthy mouth reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke. The bacteria which is present in plaque can enter the bloodstream which increases the likelihood of these serious health conditions. Poor oral hygiene has also been linked to diabetes, infertility, heart disease, erectile dysfunction and even cancer.

5. Prevent bad breath

More often than not, when bad breath or halitosis is present it is due to an underlying dental problem. Regular, professional oral hygiene is crucial to preventing bad breath and regular cleaning will rid your mouth of troublesome bacteria whilst also identifying any problems.

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