What to Expect During a Visit to the Hygienist

According to research, about 70% of people do not visit their dentist or hygienist regularly. If you are one of these people, don’t wait until it’s too late. Start the habit of going to your hygienist since regular dental visits are necessary to maintain a good dental health.

If this is your first time visiting the hygienist, here are the things that you should expect:

1. Be Prepared for your Initial Screening

Remember to arrive a few minutes before your appointment time to prevent delays. Also, bring with you all the necessary documents that will help the hygienist assess your teeth. These documents include your medical history, a list of the medications you take, insurance papers, etc. Aside from that, be prepared to answer questions about your lifestyle like how many times you brush your teeth, which toothpaste do you use, or what does your diet consist of. A good hygienist will check all of this to know what is the perfect service that will fit your need.

2. First Appointment

After the initial screening, your hygienist will schedule an appointment for you. Some prefer to have their first appointment immediately after the screening. During the first appointment, your hygienist might do the following:

Count your teeth
Scrape plaque from your teeth
Give you a fluoride treatment
Check for signs of tooth decay
Recommend you for oral x-rays

3. See the dentist

After seeing the hygienist, you’ll be attended by the dentist. Hygienists are those assigned to give a thorough cleaning of your teeth while dentists are the ones to check for signs of dental health problem. Cleaning done by hygienists are more meticulous and careful and might take more than thirty minutes if the patient already has gum disease.

If you’re within the Liverpool area and wants to start the habit of regular dental visits, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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