Instilling Good Dental Habits in Children

Instilling good dental habits in your children is as important as taking them to the dentist for regular check-ups. As parents, it is your responsibility to be a role model and help them develop good dental habits from an early age. Here are some ways in which you can help teach your children.

1. Let the children watch you

You cannot instil good habits if you are not practising them yourself. That’s why it is important that you also have high a regard for your dental hygiene. Children can be curious, and it is good practise to let them watch you while you do your dental routine: brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. You can even talk them through the process and give them a better idea of what to do when they brush their teeth.

2. Incorporate fun techniques

There is no better way to persuade children to practice good dental habits than incorporating fun techniques. There are lots of apps online that you can download for free to make brushing more exciting. These apps even ensure that the children brush for two whole minutes, the standard time for brushing. Once done, you can even reward your children to keep them motivated

3. Keep their dentist fears away by taking the children regularly.

A lot of children are afraid of the dentist, if you take them regularly they will learn not to be afraid. To solve this, you must book appointments for your children from a very early age. Allow them to feel positive while familiarising themselves with the dental clinic, the dentist and the environment. Bringing them to the dentist at such an early age will also allow the dentist to check their dental health and spot if there are any potential problems. Early detection and prevention is the key to keeping their dental health in check.

These are just some of the ways in which you can help your children develop good dental habits. If you’re within the Liverpool area and would like to bring your children in for a dental appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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