Why visiting a hygenist can prevent tooth loss

Many of us only visit the dentist when we have a toothache, however, prevention is far better than requiring treatment. Loss of teeth normally occurs when teeth and gums have been neglected, and although treatment can sometimes rectify the issue, if you only visit the dentist once you are experiencing a problem, you are more likely to need a tooth or teeth extracted. This is something we all want to prevent as treatment can be expensive and, depending on the health of your gums and teeth, may not prevent tooth loss.

Healthy teeth need Regular appointments

Your hygienist will advise how often you need to come for appointments as this will depend on the current health of your teeth and gums. At Boston House Dental Clinic, you can book an appointment with our Moorgate hygienist without needing to have a dentist appointment first. Visiting a hygienist is your first line of defence against gum disease, tooth decay and ultimately loss of teeth. By preventing issues, your teeth will be healthier and you’ll also save money on expensive dental treatments such as root canals and teeth implants. Our location in the heart of the City of London makes visiting a hygienist on Liverpool Street easy and accessible.

What does a hygenist do during an appointment?

Your appointment will last 45 minutes, giving one of our hygienists the time needed to discuss preventative methods you should follow to help to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Your teeth will be completely and intensively cleaned, and if any issues are discovered, you will be referred to a dentist at the same clinic. Additionally, you will have access to a periodontist in Moorgate who is able to perform surgical procedures to help treat advanced gum disease. Our periodontists in Liverpool Street are also highly skilled at placing and maintaining dental implants.


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