4 Of The Best Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

From teeth whitening to straightening treatments such as Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry is a popular choice for boosting confidence in your smile. Some people swear by home remedies such as activated charcoal, but which methods are really effective?

Whitening toothpaste

They won’t get you a film star smile, but if you just want some slight results then whitening toothpaste can help. They use polishers and a very small amount of bleaching agent to help make your smile whiter over time. The benefit of this is that you can do it while keeping your teeth clean.

Home kits

Home teeth whitening kits include gels containing hydrogen peroxide which you apply to your teeth, either directly or on a mouth tray.

This may be the most affordable option with the benefit of being convenient, but the bleaching isn’t as strong as alternatives, so you likely won’t get the pearly smile you expect. It’s also not recommended to whiten teeth without professional supervision due to the chemicals involved.

Take-home kits

With professional teeth whitening, the dentist makes an impression of your teeth and uses it to create custom mouth trays. You can use these to apply the gel at home.

Dentists are able to use hydrogen peroxide in stronger concentrations than a home kit, making this option quicker and more effective.

Plus, a trusted professional has the knowledge and experience to ensure your safety during the process.

Laser whitening

By using LEDs or lasers to speed up the effects of teeth whitening gel, laser teeth whitening can have the quickest results.

This procedure is more intense than bleaching trays, meaning a greater chance of sensitivity following the treatment.

Go professional

Whichever method you choose, the safest and most effective option is to consult a professional to advise you based on your individual circumstances and help you get the results you want.

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