Tooth reshaping: the FAQ’s

This month we will be answering a few questions about teeth reshaping. Reshaping is chosen by many people to achieve a perfect smile,its a simple, low-cost way to help improve the appearance of your teeth. It’s available at all good dental practices, including  Boston Dental Care.

What does teeth reshaping involve?

Teeth reshaping is a process through which the teeth are cosmetically contoured to smooth out any imperfections, chips or unusual alignments. Minuscule amounts of the enamel itself are removed in order to subtly change the appearance of the teeth. This is done with extreme care with a laser or drill and is carried out by a dental professional. An X-ray will also be taken beforehand, to ensure the structural integrity of the teeth that are being worked upon.

Are there any other treatments that should be considered?

For truly stunning results, many practices combine tooth reshaping with bonding. Bonding uses the application of resin to perfect the overall appearance of the teeth. Many patients also choose to have their teeth whitened to complete the look.This is a treatment which sometimes eradicates the need for other dental costs – some patients even get their teeth cosmetically reshaped instead of getting braces!, Boston Dental will be able to meet any of your cosmetic needs.

Where can I go for tooth reshaping

When deciding where to receive your tooth reshaping treatment choose a reputable, high-end provider of dental care.If you are located in the London area contact Boston Dental Care. We will be happy to talk you through your options if you contact us today.



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