Why You Should Visit Your Hygienist Every Six Months

Almost everyone dreads going to the dentist. There is something awful about making yourself so very vulnerable to someone else, lying back with your mouth open, while the dentist scrapes and probes around your teeth, the wincing if they hit a tender spot and looming possibility of a filling. But when it’s all over with, perhaps a scale and polish later, you feel great! And you don’t have to worry about it for another six months, hooray!

Or do you?

Who needs a six month dental check-up?

For most people who practise good oral hygiene and who have strong teeth and a healthy body, six months between check-ups is absolutely fine. For those people, the six-month check-up is usually a quick and simple affair: in the chair, a quick once over, and then done – you simply have to set a reminder to make your next appointment.

While, in theory, people with excellent oral hygiene and fortunate genes could leave longer between their dental visits, this is not ideal as sometimes conditions need to be picked up promptly for effective treatment. As early symptoms do not always present themselves clearly, it will need an experienced eye to pick up the signs and begin treatment in time to prevent pain, disfigurement or even outright tooth loss.

Should I visit the dentist more often?

People with compromised immune systems (who have had aggressive medical treatments), as well as those who smoke or who have smoked heavily in the past, and who have not always practised good oral hygiene for any number of reasons, may need to visit their dentist more often, especially if they are endeavouring to take control of their health. This can help the dentist to work on their mouth, bit by bit, cleaning off tartar build-up and watching the general health of the gums and mouth flora.

Whichever group you fall into, if you live in London and need a hygienist, Liverpool Street is the address you need. Our practice ensures that if you need a dentist, Moorgate is handy for you, so you do not have to travel far to keep your mouth and teeth in great condition.


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